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Dear colleagues,

In front of the Serbian Psychological Society and Program Committee of the conference, we are pleased to invite you to participate in the 67th Congress of Psychologists of Serbia. The Congress will take place at Zlatibor in Serbia, from May 22nd to May 25th, 2019. under the title Psychology in new age: Challenges of (re)humanization. The main topic of this year's Congress encourages us to consider the position of psychology and man in the era of new technologies, migration, multicultural diversity, economic and political circumstances of the 21st century, in which sometimes man and man’s psychical life are put into the background. We will try to anticipate which areas of psychology, and in which way, can contribute to the humanization of different areas in which psychologists are working, which types of research specifically contributes to this aspiration, which new, but already proven, forms of support psychological science and practice can offer. These are just some of the questions that we will have the opportunity to think about at this Congress.

By your participation at the Congress you would contribute to maintaining the tradition of the conference, which represents a place of gathering and exchange of knowledge and experience of psychologists from Serbia and from abroad. This is an opportunity to, through plenary lectures, symposiums, announcements, and poster presentations, get informed about and get to know the latest research in psychology and related disciplines, to exchange the experience and insights from practices, while striving to perfect and improve it, to pose important questions and sharpen professional attitudes at the professional and scientific forums, to meet up with members of the sections we are a part of, acquire new skills and get to know inspirational ideas through workshops, make important new contacts with colleagues from Serbia, the region, and the world, and for many more things.


You can sign up for the following forms of participation at the Congress of Psychologists:

Group sessions – symposiums and panel discussions

Individual spoken announcements and poster presentations

Workshops and seminars

Meeting of the Serbian Psychological Society’s section

Psychology books promotion

You can find more information on the various forms of participation and signing up in the Paper submission instructions. Paper submission deadline is March 23rd, 2019. and the first paper to be submitted will receive a special prize.


At the Congress we’ll have the opportunity to hear some of the excellent plenary speakers from the country and from abroad, such as:

- Maja Mišković, Ph.D. professor at Concordia University, Chicago

- Zorica Marić, Ph.D. REBT - Affiliated Training center of Albert Ellis Institute in Belgrade


Members of the 2019. Congress of Psychologists of Serbia Program Committee:

- Co-chair: Mirjana Beara, Ph.D.

assistant professor, Study program for psychology of the Department for philosophical sciences, State University of Novi Pazar

- Co-chair: Goran Kličković,

specialist in Medical Psychology, psychotherapist, Military Medical Academy Belgrade

- Boris Kordić, Ph.D.

clinical psychology, psychotherapy, Faculty of Security Studies, University of Belgrade

- Bojana Škorc, Ph.D.

psychology of creativity, Academy of fine arts, University of Belgrade

- Danijela S. Petrović, Ph.D.

educational psychology,  Department for Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

- Darko Hinić, Ph.D.

general and social psychology, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Philology and Arts, University of Kragujevac

- Tatjana Stefanović Stanojević, Ph.D.

developmental psychology, Department for Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš

- Boris Popov, Ph.D.

business psychology, Department for Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad

- Ivana Koprivica, MA

psychology in social care, Novi Sad

The secretaries of the Program Committee are Milena Belić, teaching fellow with a Ph.D. at the State University of Novi Pazar, and Dejana Mutavdžin, doctoral student at the Department of psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy.


In front of the 67th Congress of Psychologists Program Committee

Mirjana Beara, Ph.D assistant professor, and Goran Kličković


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