65th Congress of Psychologists
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Dear colleagues,

In the name of Serbian Psychological Society and  Scientific Committee,  we are honored to invite you to participate in the 65th  Congress of Psychologists of  Serbia  that will be held on Zlatibor, Serbia, from the 24th to the 27th of May 2017. The main theme of the congress is Globalization and Localization of  Psychology.

It would be great pleasure if you would honored us with youre presence and gave youre contribution to psychology in Serbia and region. That would be the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences in practices and research so we could seek its improvement.

You can apply for the following forms of participation in the Congress of psychologists:

  • Group sessions- Symposium and discussion
  • Individual oral and poster presentations

Detailed information on the forms of participation and ways of submiting papers are given in Abstract submission guidelines. If you have any additional questions write us an e-mail : kongres@dps.org.rs

Agreement to consult Congress partieipants and hold lectures via Skype is given by:

  1. professor emeritus Philip Zimbardo
  2. professor emeritus Paul Ekman

Best regards,
Scientific Committee
prof. dr Mirjana Franceško
prof. dr Aleksandra Kostić

*Abstract submission guidelines*


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