Sections and local units


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Serbian Psychological Society functions through sections and local units. Sections include members from certain fields and specialties, while local units (there are 15 of them) assemble psychologists who live and work on certain territory of Serbia.

Some of these sections are:

  • industrial psychology section
  • section of elementary school psychologists
  • section of secondary school psychologists
  • section of secondary school psychology teachers
  • professional orientation section
  • traffic psychology section
  • social and humanitarian activities section
  • clinical psychology section
  • health psychology section
  • forensic psychology section
  • psychology of music section
  • gestalt therapy section.

Контакт подаци

Адреса: Ђушина 7, 11020 Београд
Тел: +381 11 3232961, +381 11 3035131

Уредник и администратор сајта: Душко Кљајић
Секретар ДПС: Марија Вукотић Одаловић