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Чланство у 2022.

70 godina Drustva kvadratПоштоване колегинице и колеге психолози,

Уколико већ нисте обновили своје чланство за 2022. годину, позивамо Вас да нам се придружите. И ове године ћемо настојати да пружимо најбоље погодности за своје чланове. Подсећамо Вас и на додатне попусте уколико се одлучите за групну уплату за десет и више психолога из исте установе, секције или подружнице.


Као активни члан Друштва:

  • аутоматски постајете и члан Европске Федерације Психолошких Асоцијација (ЕФПА)
  • отварате могућност да својим ангажовањем у секцијама и подржницама, иницијативом и креативношћу унапредите рад Друштва и психолошке струке у целини
  • бирате да својим доприносом штитите интегритет психолога и психолошке струке
  • добијате могућност стручног усавршавања на семинарима и вебинарима Друштва психолога и Центра за примењену психологију
    учешћа на научно-стручним скуповима по бенефицираној цени која важи само за чланове
  • стичете право да преко Друштва акредитујете свој семинар
  • као члан националног струковног удружења, стичете предност на конкурсима министарстава и других релевантних организација
  • бесплатна годишња претплата на Психолошке новине и попуст на научни часопис „Психологија“ као и на котизацију за Конгрес психолога Србије – наш највећи стручни скуп у земљи
  • колегинице и колеге који дипломирају имају право на бесплатно чланство у Друштву у текућој години
  • чланови имају отворену могућност да објављују ауторске чланке у Политикином недељном магазину http://www.dps.org.rs/163-vesti/1534-tekstovi-za-politikin-nedeljni-magazin
  • повећате видљивост својих професионалних компетенција у јавости преко регистра додатног стручног усавршавања који се формира само од наших чланова и биће истакнут на званичној интернет страници Друштва.
  • Имате право на потврду ДПС за различите видове додатног стручног усавршавања које припада неформалном образовању а који су признати од стране нашег удружења  http://www.dps.org.rs/163-vesti/1524-anketa-o-obukama

Више информација на линку: http://dps.org.rs/clanstvo/o-clanarini


Чланство у 2022.

 Друштво психолога Србије

  • Српски језик
  • English

Organizing of the psychologist in Serbia was preceded by the establishment of the Association of Psychologists in Yugoslavia, 20th February 1953 in Zagreb, during which was the first conference of psychologists in Yugoslavia. Its president was professor. Dr. Ramiro Bujas. Representatives in the administration of the Association were elected Professor  of psychology from Serbia: PhD  Borislav Stevanovic and PhD  Slobodan Popovic. On this inaugural Assembly  all psychologist agreed to establish branches of the Association in the Republics. Such branches could establish in that time only three Republics, which had a sufficient number of psychologists: Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

At the instigation of the Association of Psychologist in  FNRJ, as its part,  is established and  the Section of psychologist's of Republic of Serbia, 7 June in 1953. in  Belgrade. At the inaugural meeting, in which work is involved  15 psychologists were  adopted Rules of the Section, established Section A Steering Committee, and the first president was elected. That was  professor  Borislav Stevanovic, who was in the role of elected for a second term to March 1956., when  was elected the new Board of Directors and the  new President - PhD Bajic Baja, who held the position until March 1959. After the first term management of the Section  by PhD B. Stevanovic in 1953. and PhD B. Bajic in 1956.,as newly elected leader of the Section in March in 1959. year  is choosen Tomislav Tomeković. In early 1960s.  is elected a new Board of Directors, with Milos Jovicic as President of the Section, which was  going to college in the U.S. at the end of the year,  and was   replaced by Nikola  Rot. At the Assembly  of Section in the beginning  of 1961. President of the Section became Aleksandar Radojkovic. In early 1962 was elected as President of the Section Josip  Berger, and Secretary  was LJubomir Stoic. In 1963.as  President of the Section  was elected Vera Smiljanic - Cholanovic, who held the position  until April 1964., when the Section was renamed  in the Society, and was elected  new President −PhD. B. Bajic. He was in that position next year for the term 1965/66.

The Serbian  Section is actively involved in the composition of the Association of Psychologists of Yugoslavia (UPJ), as part of it. So ,the professor B. Stevanovic was elected president of UPJ III Assembly (from  April 1956. to  June 1958.) and LJ. Stojić  was secretary. Again, they found themselves in  the same  roles in  December 1962. to December  1964. Chairman of the Board of Yugoslavia psychologist Associaton from  1968-1970 was professor PhD . Nikola  Rot, vice chairman was  Nenad Havelka, and secretary  was Mladen Kostic.

In addition to these, and many other representatives from Serbia were the delegates of the Steering Committee and other bodies UPJ (APY).

Already at the very beginning of the establishment and work, as defined in Section main tasks were: encouraging members of professional association to  scientific work, assisting schools to improve teaching, encouraging introduction of the subject of psychology at middle and high schools where it has  not been introduced, popularizing the science of psychology to the public,  giving informations to the members of professional association, research, as well as self-determination of individuals. These tasks were dominant in the work of the members of the Section during the first decade and a  half of  second decade of development. Maintained, as a regular, annual meetings at which members  submitted detailed reports about work of  the administration in the past year, but also  and about the professional activities of each member: what works (books and articles) each  of them was published and where, to whom and about  lectures which they  held at that professional and scientific meetings is that  time , in which scientific research project member has  been engaged, and so on. The Section was bound to sent  such detailed reports to  the Psychological Association of Yugoslavia .

At the first Annual Meeting of the Section of November in 1954.  was running  an important task: to solve the status of  psychologists - work on the recognition of psychologists - professionals for Applied Psychology. Until  then the only existing title was : Professor of Psychology,  the title  which absorbed  very small percentage of graduated psychologist,that was the first  problem, and other was : psychology is the first decades after World War II all over the world, including and Yugoslavia , showed a strong expansion of applications in all social sectors, of which education is only one part of and  professorship was inadequate term  for all other areas.

This work  particularly agile Section adopted during  1957. when  was drafting a federal law about public servants.  Section forwarded its proposal to the appropriate committee. And the Association of Psychologists of Yugoslavia in early in 1956. sent a letter to the State Secretariat for Legislation and organization, in which was  described the rapid development of psychology and the need for psychologists in various social fields, but in which was described and  their status, which was   not regulated by law, but that time they were classified as teachers, with the obligation of taking inappropriate and various professional examinations. To the letter  was attached  a draft with  ten  subcategory, which were designed for specialized clinical, industrial and school psychologists (included was and  the program  for specialization),  with the title of the proposal: a psychologist, a specialist in applied psychology. This proposal was not adopted. Certain intellectual “profiles”, which had a strong ideological and social position at that time, perceived  psychology  as competitive science  to themselves, and thus, showed strong resistance to it. Work on the legal regulation of the title psychologist continued during, 1960-61. year.In  1960.  was sent to the competent authorities  the appropriate proposal, in which it was said that most of the members of the Section  (the list was with  138 members,and list was growing) working in health and social services (such as clinical psychologists), schools (such as school psychologists), the economy (as industrial psychologists) and in service for the  vocational guidance, and in that proposal was talk about  the “opening” of specialization  of psychologist and about how regulation of  title psychologists is base for the specialization.


Stojanovic, M., "Fifty Years of Association of Psychologists of Serbia from 1953 to 2003.", Psychological Association of Serbia 2003.

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