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Serbian Psychological Society was founded in 1953 as a branch of the Yugoslav Psychological Society. One of its founders was Prof. Borislav Stevanovic, who was a British student. In 1926 he defended his Ph.D. dissertation "An Experimental Study of the Mental Processes Involved in Judgment" at London University.

As of 2021. the President of our Society is prof. dr Tamara Džamonja Ignjatović.

Serbian Psychological Society aims to encourage the development of psychology through professional and research activities and to provide its members with scientific and professional information relevant to academic activities, professional training as well as psychologists in practice. The Society also informs its members about contemporary professional methods and scientific innovations in different fields of psychology.

The Society maintains mutually useful forms of connection and co-operation with humanitarian, governmental and non-governmental, as wel as international organizations, in order to advance psychologists' work, satisfy the needs of users of psychologists' services and solve certain issues important for the Society and wider social community.

Professional reputation of members in professional-scientific and ethical sense, respect for norms and standards while performing professional work in the fields of psychological counceling and education also represent the goals of the Serbian Psychological Society.


The Society has the following goals and tasks

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