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Scientific Editor and Proofreader

I specialise in the scientific editing of academic texts, particularly psychology and neuroscience. A lot of my current work comprises the editing of scientific papers, in both UK and US English, for non-native English speakers. Papers are formatted according to the specific journal requirements. Editing work is mostly carried out using the „track changes“ function in MS Word, although I have also been trained to use the official proofreading symbols (BSI, 2005).

I am an Associate of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) and I have received formal training and certification in proofreading. I have a PhD in Psychology & Psychophysiology, an MSc (distinction) in Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience, and a BSc/BA (Hons) in Psychology with Philosophy. I have also had over eight years experience as an academic researcher, which involved writing, reviewing and proofreading work for scientific journal and book chapter publications.

Listed below are some of the (target) journals and book chapters that I have edited papers for. (I do not always know the intended journal.) This should provide some idea of the scope of my current work.

• Psychopharmacology
• International Journal of Psychophysiology
• Motivation & Emotion
• Biological Psychology
• International Journal of Psychophysiology
• Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
• Brain Research
• Neuroimage
• Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
• American Journal of Neuroradiology
• Journal of Nursing Education
• Acta Pharmacologica Sinica
• Cerebral Cortex
• Journal of Laryngology and Otology
• Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
• Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
• The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
• Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health
• International Journal of Psychology
• Group Processes and Intergroup Relations
• Human Factors & Safety (book chapter)
• Human Factors In Design (book chapter)


Standard editing

1. The document is proofread, including Table and Figure legends.
2. The flow and readability of the language is checked, and light editing to improve these is provided as necessary.
3. Standard editing is appropriate for papers that should be considered as a "final draft" with the exception of the English presentation.
4. What is not included in the standard edit:

a. Reorganization of text and removal of repetition.
b. Word length reduction.
c. Complete rewriting of large portions of text (>15% of the document).


Premium editing

1. Includes rewriting and substantial editing of the text, as appropriate, as well as the core components of a standard edit.
2. Word-count reduction of the Abstract according to the guidelines of an identified target journal.
3. Reformatting of the paper according to the guidelines of the journal.
4. Large sections (>15%) of the original text will be rewritten to ensure clarity and correct English usage.
5. Feedback is given to the authors in the form of a letter, which highlights ways that the paper can be improved, or to identify areas that need further clarification.

I currently charge €0.023 per word (of the original manuscript; approx. $0.030 USD) for standard editing, and €0.028 per word for premium editing (approx. $0.037 USD).

There are also extra services available, at a surcharge of €9.00 (approx. $11.89 USD). These include: total word-count reductions, reference reformatting, and table reformatting/ content corrections.

Order forms, which ask authors to specify the services required, will be provided on request. Payments can be made either by bank transfer or by PayPal.

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